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Growing up with a professional magician as a father, Beverley certainly has the relevant, practical and entertaining tricks up her sleeve when it comes to creating magic with teams, leaders, groups and individuals.

Beverley has decades of experience in retail, communication, customer service, sales and leadership roles.  Throughout her entire career; her natural leadership, training and coaching skills quickly saw her creating team performance magic, inspiring fellow colleagues to be the best they can be and to deliver outstanding service ~ and expanded results ~ to business.  As an employee, Beverley was respected and recognized with national awards from well known retail and industry companies for her contribution to the success of these companies.  Her skills and leadership influence, shared with work colleagues, meant the performance magic was unlocked and able to soar!

In 2001, Beverley chose self employment and purchased a ‘party plan’ business with a leading Australian Direct Sales company.  Her purposeful success saw her replicating, sharing, leading, training and coaching others to great results for themselves. Promoting herself to the highest career level within the direct sales model, Beverley willingly shared her knowledge and inspired fellow business owners to unlock their own magic within! Due  to Beverley’s attitude and skills, she was invited to the role of ‘National Sales Training & Development Manager’ with this very successful Direct Sales Company, with the task to develop the comprehensive career training modules for national use.  Developing a series of learning modules, webinars, and audio/video training; the project became an integral part of the foundation training to allow independent business owners to follow a system for success.

As a recognized Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a member of the Australian Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP), Beverley presents regular NLP Core Skills courses, to help others create their own ripple effect and achieve their personal and professional goals, breakthrough their limits and accelerate their results.

Beverley continues to enjoy a life-long love of learning, applying and innovating, with intent to be the best she can be... so those she meets are inspired to discover their own magic within!


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