Sandra Martin Bio


Sandra is a consultant, coach, facilitator and professional speaker in the fields of Image & Styling, Personal Branding, Communication and Human Behaviour.

Over many years of running her own successful business and with over 15,000 hours of training under her belt, she have developed a unique ‘transformational’ approach to styling that addresses both the physical and emotional needs of her clients.

Building high trust relationships, she is passionate about helping others become the best that they can be, utilising the power of style to transform and influence our perception of ourself and others.

As an industry leader and innovator, and known for her ‘no-nonsense, down to earth – get results, approach’, Sandra have had the privilege of working with a wide range of high-achieving professionals and business leaders. Tasked with helping them navigate and build their Personal Brand and Professional Identity, she has shared with them, their personal successes and achievements, and that of their organisations.

Coming from a background of Senior Management and Leadership within the Travel and Finance industries, has placed her well to understand the corporate and business, environment, culture and mindset. She knowsfirst hand about managing teams, she knows how to lead, inspire and motivate to bring out the best in others. She knows about being at the top, she knows about, targets, KPI’s and ROI’s… She gets it.

It is this experience and expertise, coupled with her extensive studies in Communication and Human Behaviour, and her training as a highly credentialed and sort after stylist and image consultant, that she can confidently walk into the training room, and into One-to-One Coaching and Mentoring sessions, and know that great things are going to happen, and rising stars are going to shine.

Combined with the rest of the Universally Speaking team, they have a unique combination of skills and expertise that takes their trainings to a whole new level of innovation and professionalism.

They are uniquely different, they like it like that, and that’s what their clients have found puts them a cut above the rest.

Really, life is too short NOT to maximise your potential.


♥ Family                   ♥ Authenticity                   ♥ Honesty

♥ Integrity               ♥ Learning                          ♥ Fun


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