Confident Speaking and Presentation Skills

This program is for VERY BUSY PEOPLE, or for those of you who want to cut to the chase, fast-track your speaking results and fast-track your success.

Whether you're a CEO needing to add inspiration and influence to your keynotes or a HR officer needing more clarity and confidence, guidance and structure, the Universally Speaking, one-to-one executive coaching program is the SOLUTION.

Our professional lives can be so fast-paced, one tracked and demanding that it’s easy to overlook a skill like confident speaking or the skill to deliver an outstanding presentation. Sometimes we think that when it comes to speaking and presenting that ‘ok’ is good enough. That is of course, until we get caught out, when we’re asked to deliver that crucial presentation or keynote, and we know that all eyes are on us, and ‘OK’ IS DEFINITELY NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

You know that a skilled public speaker is someone who is revered and respected. Being able to deliver that keynote with confidence, wit and charisma is a world-class skill that is highly sort and admired.

It is a skill that SETS YOU APART
and makes you someone that others aspire to.

Private public speaking executive coaching and professional mentoring from Universally Speaking’s accredited and qualified Executive Coaching team will equip you to excel in every speaking situation you are faced with.

Our professional mentoring for public speaking and effective communication includes these 4 KEY AREAS:

What to expect in your coaching sessions

Individual one-to-one coaching with the emphasis on customized and focused training for your specific needs, will boost your public speaking and presentation skills and fast track your results and success.

During this INTENSIVE COURSE of your one-to-one coaching sessions, you will:

  • Have 6 x 90 minute one-to-one coaching intensives
  • Deliver your presentation/keynote over 12 times
  • Practice voice tonality exercises and stage movement
  • Develop skills in emotional mastery to conquer your nerves and instill confidence and the mindset for success.

You will receive highly detailed in-depth feedback (laugh while you learn) and will then layer into your presentation new learning, practicing new skills and strategies.

Results you can expect

  • AUTHENTICITY: Embrace your authentic speaking personality that others will connect with and trust.
  • INSPIRING AND COMPELLING PRESENTATIONS that sell you and your message.
  • FOCUSED AUDIENCE: Have a range of skills and techniques that maintain the interest and focus of your audience.
  • Be seen as the "TRUSTED AUTHORITY" and the go-to expert in your field.
  • Have the ability to INFLUENCE AND PURSUADE OTHERS, and sell ideas and concepts.
  • MEMORABLE SPEECH: Develop, structure, write and deliver a memorable speech that has impact and achieves lasting results.
  • ADAPT ON THE FLY: Have the behavioural flexibility and skillset to adapt your presentation on the fly.
  • MOVE WITH ELEGANCE AND VOLITION confidently on stage, to connect and lead your audience.
  • LAUGH WHILE YOU LEARN, through personal in-depth feedback.
  • Dramatically INCREASED CONFIDENCE, credibility and authority whilst presenting.
  • THINK ON YOUR FEET: Be known for your ability to speak on your feet, sounding knowledgeable and credible.
  • PROVEN TECHNIQUES that will make a huge difference to your personal and professional success.
  • APPLY WHAT YOU LEARN to other speaking opportunities, including smaller groups, conversations and networking.


It is worth considering, taking advantage and combining your One to One Coaching & Mentoring Program with other Coaching Programs that we offer. We specialize in creating focused and customized programs for our clients. 

Talk to us today, for a no obligation discussion,

so we can tailor a One to One Coaching and Mentoring Program to suit your diary and your specific needs.

This is the direct line to our training coordinator:

(+61) 0414728968

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