How to Deliver and Outstanding Presentation and Sell your Idea from a Stage


Lets face it people with solid ideas, people skills and technical ability are often left behind by the person who has the ability to communicate their point of view with charisma, style and conviction. Presenting in public is an invaluable and much admired skill that can transform your professional life and can even make your personal life more fulfilling.

Like it or not, your ability to present your ideas and your work is an essential skill if you want to climb the corporate ladder or build your own business.  The ability to present effectively allows people to get a sense of who you are, and why they should invest in you or your business. It gives you an opportunity to share your skills and knowledge, and to extend your reach beyond individual conversations and networking events. 

Not all good guys win the race


If you want to promote your abilities within corporation you need to be able 
to present effectively, creatively and persuasively. If you are aspiring to run some other form of enterprise or small business it is essential to be able to present your product or service with clarity, conviction, and be influential and persuasive.


We have designed and developed the Presentation Excellence Workshop with Workshop to provide you with these skills and more.

Presentation Excellence is one of our most popular courses, it is a skills and experientially based approach to presenting, ideal for presenters who wish to become even more creative and persuasive and experienced keynotes who want to take their speaking to a new level of competence.


It offers a combination of tried, tested and proven presenting and stage techniques, and introduces new and innovative cutting edge communication strategies that will take your presenting skills from good to outstanding, The course seeks to enhance and build on  your individual strengths and improve any areas that need improving.

We will want to know the intention of your presentation i.e. to entertain, inform, report, influence, report, educate, persuade, motivate, thank, negotiate, sell, recognize, etc  where and how you may intend to present, so we can design and develop a strategy that will best serve you and best help your style of delivery fit your purpose.

KEY COMPONENTS Of This Training And The Results That You"ll Achieve:

  • Create the MINDSET FOR SUCCESS as a speaker, presenter and outstanding communicator.
  • ESTABLISH YOUR OUTCOME and intention for the presentation or speech.
  • Use the 5 KEY SUCCESS PRINCIPLES to achieve your speaking outcomes.
  • Structure your presentation in 4 EASY STEPS to achieve the results that you want.
  • FIRST IMPRESSION COUNT: Set the tone for the audience.
  •  COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY with your body language, voice tonality, eye contact, pauses and gestures.
  • Use the 8 KEY PRINCIPLES to sell and pitch from stage.
  •  IMPROVISATION TECHNIQUES: How to speak on your feet.
  • USE HUMOUR AND LAUGHTER to engage your audience.
  • USE STAGECRAFT and personal stage anchoring.
  •  STAY FOCUSED and on point when questions or comments distract.
  • PROJECT CONFIDENCE and be heard everywhere in he room.
  • Create a POSITIVE ATMOSPHERE through movement.
  • Discover the POWER OF STORYTELLING and metaphor.
  • ADDRESS CHALLENGERS, cynics and skeptics.
  • LEARN DIFFERENT STYLES: Discover the difference between Keynote address, Presentations, Informing and Selling from Stage.
  • CONGRUENCE: How to present a professional image: have congruency between your message and your personal brand.
  •  Learn how to MOTIVATE AND INFLUENCE a specific course of action.
  • ADAPT TO YOUR AUDIENCE: How to judge the mood of your audience AND to adapt your presentation to engage them.
  • HONE YOUR LISTENING SKILLS: Hone your listening and calibration skills to adjust your delivery to meet the needs of your audience.
Sandra and Nat

We can design and develop a strategy that will BEST SERVE YOU and best help your style of delivery to FIT YOUR PURPOSE.

The Course Structure

This is a 3 day in-house training,
focused and customized for YOUR BUSINESS ORGANISATION

Presentation Excellence is delivered by 2 trainers, ensuring you receive loads of personal coaching and training and plenty of time to present and receive invaluable feedback and coaching.

This is an intensely practical and interactive training where each participant will be presenting a minimum of 12 times over the 3 days… constantly adding new learning to their presentation.

This program can be delivered as one 3 day block or over 3 Days as a 1 Day program followed by a 2 Day program, with a few weeks between each module, to a maximum of 16 and minimum of 8 people.

You will be presenting at least 12 times to the group during this workshop.

You will receive individual and group feedback as well as personalized coaching to hone your presenting skills.

Course Length:  3 days

Trainers: 2 Trainers will ensure you have an optimal learning, fun and interactive environment

Prerequisites:  None

Number of Participants: Maximum 16 – Minimum 8 

Venue: In-House for your organisation or a mutually agreed suitable state of the art training space

Start time: 9.15am       Finish: 4.45pm each day

Each participant receives a comprehensive work manual

Talk to us today, for a no obligation discussion,

so we can tailor a One to One Coaching and Mentoring Program to suit your diary and your specific needs.

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