Improve your Communication, Presentation, Sales, Negotiation, Influence, Relationships, Team Motivation and Leadership Skills


You’ve got big dreams and ambitions. Now, it’s time to start acting on them and taking your business (and life) to a whole new level.

You’re ready to make a change.

Are you where you want to be?

Have you accomplished all that you thought you would by now?

Do you want a more fulfilling career or business?

Are you enjoying the spoils of your hard work - lifestyle, travel, weekends and leisure pursuits you’ve always wanted?

Do you have absolute clarity on your vision, goals and purpose?

Could your relationships be deeper, more rewarding and more meaningful?

Could work be more fun and rewarding?

If not, here's the challenge... 

Don't you think it's time to UPLEVEL every single aspect of your life, career & lifestyle...


If you’re looking to sharpen your professional skills or improve your buisness, or to get cutting edge strategies, to improve your performance, then the NLP Core Skills – Business Edge is the high impact, high ROI solution.

You delivered exactly what you said you would, and then went way above and beyond anything I could have imagined.

- Caroline Long, NSW Department of Primary Industries

Companies such as BMW, McDonalds, Nokia, Diners Club, AMP, Mercedes Benz, and American Express to name a few, have utilized the cutting edge advantage that NLP offers.

There’s a reason that the best politicians, business people, elite athletes and celebrities (think – Oprah, Hugh Jackman & Serena Williams) excel in what they do. They have all learnt and experienced NLP.

– on the mindsets, interpersonal skills and consistent behaviour of exceptional people, who excel in what they do. C level management right through to sales reps, and other front line staff come to learn NLP for the skills that will translate to tangible results.

Companies such as BMW, McDonalds, Nokia, Diners Club, AMP, Mercedes Benz, and American Express to name a few, have utilized the cutting edge advantage that NLP offers.

WE INTEGRATE THE LATEST IN NEUROSCIENCE, mindfulness, and experiential exercises – and introduce you to the ‘next generation skills’ for improving your personal well being, resilience and relations. Take on the next challenge with new abilities, new thinking and new know how.



NLP will make you even BETTER!

In this 4 Day Training (2 x 2 days) – you will meet and connect with a group of motivated and enthusiastic like minded people, who are ready to achieve big things and launch themselves toward a life of greater abundance, joy, meaning and fulfillment.

During NLP Core Skills – Business Advantage, you’ll master the success strategies you’ll need to rise above any limitations of your own making, and start leading your business or career to where you want it to be.

It doesn’t matter where you are in life, or what your goals are…

You’ll walk out of these 4 days, laser focused, bursting with confidence, armed with a proven system for success, and supported by a new family of like minded people to cheer you on.

This (training) has enabled me to have more meaningful and effective interactions both on a business level and in my personal relationships.

- Chris Green, Principal, Crowe Howarth, Albury, NSW



Join us for 4 inspirational life changing days

Here are 7 KEY TOPIC AREA we will cover


You will learn

Utilising NLP Success Principle at work

Overcoming the barriers to success

Understanding yourself and your place within the scheme of your results

Tapping into your inner strengths and hidden resources


You will learn

Rapid and deep rapport building techniques so you can build sustainable rapport with anyone quickly

Become more influential within a rapport setting – presenting, networking, communicating with individuals, teams and clients

Recognizing and using different communication styles

Reading body language and tonality cues for greater rapport

Making sense of other people’s non-spoken communication


You will learn

Leading from within: Managing your emotions

Inspiring and motivating with artful and engaging language

Develop a culture of trust

Identify what motivates and moves others (and yourself) to take action

Giving effective feedback to fuel improvement and get results

Identify and utilize the six core needs to motivate and inspire others


You will learn

Develop clear and concise goals and outcomes

Use Logical Levels of thinking to move towards your goals

Recognise the power of your thinking and emotional state to move you forward

Making your outcomes irresistible

Create new success habits, replacing habits that no longer serve you

Realizing you’ve got exactly what you need and got what it takes

Access any emotional state you need, to achieve what you want

Building flexibility to make change


You will learn

Mastering communication – presenting with purpose

Working with different perspectives and view points

Listening & watching – leading

Listening for language and behavioural cues

Discovering your map of reality and recognizing the differing map of others

Embracing the power of reframes – changing an emotional response in others


You will learn

Improve your memory and recall

Engage your abstract and creative mind to overcome obstacles and challenges

Harnessing the power of beliefs and values

Listening for language and behavioural cues

Improve your sensory and self awareness to be more effective in negotiations and communication

Expand your abilty to think outside the box and create powerful, game changing solutions and strategies

Create a ‘circle of excellence’ – to have powerful emotional and creative states on hand


You will learn

Discover and implement the 12 attributes of outstanding authentic leadership

Model excellence

Create a clear vision for your business and life

Start with the end in mind – say it how you want it

Align your life with your values and purpose

This NLP training, will blow your mind.

- Greg Wood – Wood Real Estate, Albury, NSW

This action packed, fun and informative 4 day training will teach you how to implement your most successful strategies (your strengths) and help you overcome your challenges (weaknesses), and what’s been holding you back from having the success that you want.

You will learn how to communicate with precision and effectiveness, how to negotiate with ease, and how to take charge of your mind and start directing your focus to create resourceful and empowering habits of thinking and behaviour.

You’ll make changes from the inside out – emerging with a new mindset, new success strategies, a different refreshed outlook and a clear path to where you’re going and how to get there.

Whether you wish to put in place a few subtle changes to your performance, influence or achievements at work, or to turn your whole working life and business upside down, you’ll find the tools and techniques that you take away from this training will help you.

You'll make changes from the INSIDE OUT.

Here's what's included in the program

4 Days (2 x 2days) Of Training with the Universally Speaking & NLP Australasia Team

During this fun and interactive 4 days of powerful transformative work, we’ll work together to redesign, refresh and invigorate every single aspect of your personal and professional and work life.

Participant Action Manual

This 170++ page bound Manual and Program becomes your road map, a place to make action plans, capture notes, and document insights, reflections and inspiration. It contains comprehensive notes, dozens of worksheets and exercises, and forms you’ll be using throughout the training. The manual will become a great resource for you in the weeks, months and years following the training.

Food, Glorious Food – Fully Catered

We pride ourselves on the great food we share with you during the training.

We believe that the ‘breaking of bread’ (tucking into delicious dishes) together is an integral part of connecting and building meaningful relationships with the people you are doing the training with. So delicious, morning & afternoon tea, and a hearty lunch are provided each day of the training.

All dietary requirements are catered for. Just let us know, if you have any special needs.

We also have a celebration on the final evening.

Savings for your Work Groups, Friends & Colleagues

We encourage you to come with a partner (friend, colleagues, co-workera, significant other, etc.) You’ll get more from the experience if you do. You can register a partner and receive a significant 15% discount off the relative fee. (Early bird or Regular)

For work groups or other groups of 3 or more, contact our Event Coordinator, Ivy McGinley –  or  Ph. (+61) 0417 510 636 for further savings.

And of course, to make it achievable and convenient we offer an easy payment plan option. Give Ivy a call.

Thank you for the most wonderful
“LIFE CHANGING” 4 days of my life.

- Manvinder Randhawa, Program Manager, Applications & Analytics, Nokia (Melbourne)


‘I just wanted to say thank you, for the most amazing training, and for your dedication and hard work. You delivered exactly what you said you would, and then went way above and beyond anything I could have imagined.

The content was excellent. It flowed very well and made great sense. It gave me easy to use, practical skills and tools, that I am using in my work and more importantly at home.

All of this was delivered with great professionalism and a genuine desire to help people improve their skills and to be more effective in their personal and professional lives.

You make a great team and I look forward to the next time I can work with you.

- Caroline Long, NSW Department of Primary Industries

‘I found the 4 day training walked me through the concepts in a very structured way. This enabled me to understand the foundations of the process and build on these over the course of the training. I particularly benefited from learning the ability to understand, read and decode others more effectively. I utilize this learning to have more meaningful and impactful interactions and conversations. I also gained greater insight into how I process information and how my behaviours maybe interpreted through all the various ways we communicate.

Upon completing the training I found I was much more aware of the way we communicate. I found I was able to communicate much more effectively and gained insight into how others may perceive me, and the impact of the body language I displayed and language I was using. This has enabled me to have more meaningful and effective interactions both on a business level and in my personal relationships’

- Chris Green, Principal, Crowe Howarth, Albury, NSW

‘This NLP training, will blow your mind. I have just completed 4 action packed days, with a group of fantastic people. My thoughts on the experience – life changing, inspirational, professional and creates a greater passion for excellence and success’

-Greg Wood – Wood Real Estate, Albury, NSW

‘ I just wanted to say a heart felt thank you for your commitment and dedication over the last 4 days of NLP Training.

Throughout my career I have seen many presenters and facilitators. That being said I have never seen two people who truly live by their ecological standards and have so much fun sharing their wisdom. It was truly masterful.

As a side note, I had my first client meeting this morning with my new-found skills and let me say that the extra colour and texture it added to the meeting was phenomenal!

Thanks again and be proud of your life's work’

-Jason Dudenas, Crowe Howarth, Albury, NSW

‘Thank you for the most wonderful “life changing” 4 days of my life.

I woke up this morning with a bit of gloom, anticipating the next big challenge at work and then I reminded myself… of just a few of the amazing insights and techniques I learned … and the penny dropped. I felt so much lighter as the weight and pressure I was experiencing, lifted from my shoulders. I had greater clarity and direction and sense of purpose.

I am determined to focus on the key strategies of a compassionate, fearless and strategic thinking leader.

You have not only helped me I with my work, but also with my family. My relationship with my son has already begun to change, in just 24 hours. Thankyou!

I do look forward to a long and fulfilling relationship with both of you.

God bless you and thankyou again.’

-Manvinder Randhawa, Program Manager, Applications & Analytics, Nokia (Melbourne)

Throughout the workshop, I had numerous ‘Ah Ha’ moments and BFO’s (Blinding Flashes of the Obvious) as we worked through the content of the workshop material.  This enabled me to understand and gain clarity around some of my thinking patterns and the roadblocks that had been holding me back from achieving my full potential.

Natalie and Sandra have a very unique style of presenting that allows all participants in the workshop to learn and practice how to use the NLP tools and techniques in a fun and safe environment. 

My own experience has been a huge lift in my self-confidence and communication skills as a result of gaining a better personal understanding of myself.  I am now consistently using the tools that I learnt through the NLP training and am now achieving my goals at a higher level and faster pace than I ever have.

I have also been able to apply the NLP principles in my day to day business activities and I have been amazed at how using these tools has helped me assist my clients and grow my business since attending the workshop.’

Phil Badura – Business Coach, Wodonga, Vic


DATES: May 18-21th  2017
8.45am for 9.15am start to 5.15pm

VENUE: Quest Wodonga

Numbers are strictly limited – Small group guaranteed


EARLY BIRD – Prior to Friday 5th May 2017, 5pm
$1797 + gst pp

A 15% discount (pay only $1357 + gst) is offered to a partner/colleague, if registered at the same time of booking.

3 or more register together at the same time
$1247 + gst pp

REGULAR FEE - after May 5th 2017
$1997 + gst pp

PAYMENT PLANS (4 payments) are available
Contact Ivy McGinley, Event Coordinator

Ph. (+61) 0417 510 636


Enter your details below and we will contact you for payment details. Remember early bird only until May 5th!

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NLP CORE SKILLS - Business Advantage Albury, NSW

Dr Natalie Shepard


NLP Trainer, NLP Master Prac.

First off, it’s great that you’ve made your way here. I’m Natalie Shepard – a consultant, writer, mentor and facilitator in the fields of human behaviour, NLP, Leadership and Communication. I work with high achieving individuals, who want to make a difference and be the difference, not only in their own lives but also in the lives of others.

I bring a fresh, down to earth approach, focused on success strategies, using cutting edge techniques and proven systems, to improve performance in communication, future focused thinking and behavioural trends.

From a business perspective, I have a diversity of experiences and expertise – I have  owned, created, built and sold, no less than 5 businesses and companies. I have had leadership roles, been a partner and associate, I have worked within teams and sat on the Boards of non-for profit organisations.

I describe myself, now as an entrepreneur, disruptive and strategic thinker and a ‘hands on’, in the real world, consultant, coach, mentor and facilitator.

I love inspiring and empowering individuals, teams, business owners and leaders to break free of mediocrity and ‘doing ok’ to stepping it up to the next level.

I look forward to being on the journey with you.

Sandra Martin Bio


NLP Master Prac.

My experience is in Senior Management within the Finance and Travel Industries, having worked my way up the corporate ladder, from a basic clerical position to Senior National Management.

I have been rewarded and acknowledged in an elite group of outstanding sales people, having sold over $1,000,000 in sales in the travel industry. No mean feat, when sales were one to one.

I have owned my own retail and consultancy business since 2004 and still do. Though most of my time is spent in consultancy and workshop facilitation. I have clocked over 16000+ hours in coaching and delivering training to individuals and groups.

In recent years (last decade) I have returned to study, in the areas of Human Behaviour & Communication… and continue to study and grow my knowledge base in Human Performance and Behavioural Profiling.

I enjoy nothing more, than being a part of, and contributing to someone’s journey to greater success and fulfillment, and I hope to have that privilege with you.

Ivy Stewart


NLP Master Prac.

Ivy is a real gem and she is our Events Coordinator. She is also responsible for all event registrations and accounts.

You will find Ivy in all of our NLP trainings as she manages the room and makes sure everything runs smoothly. If you need anything, Ivy is there to make it happen. She is amazing and we know you’ll love her too.

Ivy  is also highly accredited in the NLP world and is a NLP Master Practitioner. She has her own business, Small Office Services, though there is nothing ‘small’ about it. Ivy brings a great energy and commitment to making your training the best you’ve ever experienced.

Natalie and Sandra have a very unique style of presenting that allows all participants in the workshop to learn and practice how to use the NLP tools and techniques in a fun and safe environment. 

- Phil Badura – Business Coach, Wodonga, Vic