3 Day Training




NLP Practitioner skills are applicable to so many disciplines and different areas of your life,
that no matter what you are doing, the skills, strategies and principles of the
NLP Practitioner will help you do it even better.

At this level the skills that you learn can be applied in business, sport, education, coaching, performance, leadership or for your own personal and professional development.

This is our most popular course, and now it’s your chance to take your journey of NLP learning, change, self discovery, and both personal and professional development to a new level.
NLP Practitioner is a proven and powerful skill set and methodology for experiencing and helping you achieve what you want in life.


During NLP Core Skills 1, we focused on your personal development, understanding what makes you tick, understanding how you relate to others and advanced communication skills.

In NLP Practitioner we continue the theme of this journey – delving deeper and going further. 

We will spend some time revisiting your NLP Core Skills to reaffirm what you know and add a depth of understanding to the new skills you are about to learn.

This is your opportunity to make some changes, to give yourself a refreshing ‘make-over’ in how you feel, think, react and behave… and you can apply everything you learn to every area of your life, straight away.

We explore a massive range of insights and techniques in communication for creating better relationships, mentoring, and leading others, and getting your message across more effectively – at home, at work, in sales, giving presentations & speeches, and in social situations.

Executive Business People


Emotional mastery

Achieve phenomenal results

Have more clarity and direction

Build self confidence and esteem

Enjoy meaningful relationships

Improve your self awareness

Be more effective, productive & successful



- Reframing is the art of influencing how people (including yourself) perceive and react to different situations.


- Bring absolute clarity and precision to your thinking, problem solving and how you communicate with others.


- Create empowering, enriching and worthwhile behaviours.


- Replace limiting beliefs and limiting decisions from your past.


- Access any emotional state you want or need at any time.


- We use NeuroAdvantage™ brain trainer exercises

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Natasha Callewaert

“I was able to implement straight away much of what I had learnt and the results were nothing short of miraculous and outstanding.”

Natasha Callewaert | Franchisee,
Quest Wodonga, Attendee 2015

Mia J Earl

“This program was amazing and surpassed my highest expectations in every way. I recommend it for everyone no matter where you are in life.”

Mia J Earl,
Dickson, ACT, Attendee 2014

Michele Yonson

“This training is such a fun and easy way to accelerate your success and progress. It gives you the momentum you need to really go after your goals and the life that you want to have.”

Michele Yonson,
Albury, NSW, Attendee 2014

Rachael Williams

“This training has impacted (in a great way) every area of my life, from my closest relationships through to the way I am communicating so much more effectively with others within my business.”

Rachael Williams, Phd,
Research Consultant, Local Logic Place, Attendee 2015

Rachael Escott

“I now believe in myself, have a clear direction for my life and I am truly excited about my future. I am inspired to give it my all.. ‘be more and do more of the things that I love’. As Sandra says, ‘life isn’t a dress rehearsal’.”

Rachael Escott,
Dubbo, NSW, Attendee 2014

Jordie Peterson

“I had wanted to do the training for over 3 years, after I heard Natalie speak at a conference I was attending. Finally I just booked it, and signed both my wife and myself up. It was everything I had hoped it would be and more. Every day was better than the day before and I didn’t want it to stop. Nat was incredible, and Sandra and Ivy were an amazing support team too. The whole experience was fantastic.”

Jordie Peterson, Supervisory Safety Officer,
O Energy, Attendee 2014

Helena Timms

“I attended the training in the hope that I would improve my communication skills and sales techniques. Who was I kidding? I ticked those two things off and I also found passion and a clear vision for every other area of my life, not just my business. I’m finally clear on exactly what I want and have systems and the tools to get there.”

Helena Timms,
Belconnen, ACT, Attendee 2014

Dr Thanuja Vanderhoek

“This training completely changed my view of the world and has taken my business to a new level. In gaining a greater perspective on how people communicate and perceive the world, I have been able to completely transform professional and personal relationships in such a positive way which has helped every scope of my business and personal life.”

Dr. Thanuja Vanderhoek,
Osteopath, Attendee 2015

Phil Badura

“My own experience has been a huge lift in my self-confidence and communication skills as a result of gaining a better personal understanding of myself.  I am now consistently using the tools that I learnt through the  training and am now achieving my goals at a higher level and faster pace than I ever have. I have also been able to apply the  principles in my day to day business activities and I have been amazed at how using these tools has helped me assist my clients and grow my business since attending the training.”

Phil Badura,
Business : Action Coach, NLP Training Attendee 2015

Lindsay Wells

“I’m a pretty confident guy and thought I had life by the tail and that I had the ability to control my own destiny. At NLP training, I discovered that I had so much more to learn. If you’re like me, you feel like you’ve got life under control and your life is on track and you have everything you want. At this training you will learn new tools and strategies that accelerate your growth and your success, opening up even more possibilities and opportunities in your life, because of the added dimension this training gives you”

Lindsay Wells,
Geelong, Victoria, Attendee 2014

Sean Baryksovina

“The training helped me reevaluate and reprioritize my life. I’ve spent literally thousands of dollars over the years on personal and professional development courses and programs, and have hundreds of books and CD’s on the topic... but participating in an intimate small group training like this, where you are immersed in the learning, held accountable by your peers and where you can immediately implement and use the skills you have just learned... is when the major growth occurs. Don’t miss this opportunity. Get in the room with Nat & Sandra, and take your life from where it is now to where you want it to be.”

Sean Baryksovina,
Braddon, ACT, Attendee 2014

Joanne Heeps

You have rocked my world. You are engaging, challenging and delightful, honest and genuine, thought provoking and authentic, inspiring and awesome. To be part of a such an inspirational day was just overwhelming and I was reluctant to leave. With your permission, I will be promoting this course to my colleagues as an investment opportunity for themselves as a life long learning opportunity.  
This workshop wasn’t just about ‘Confident Speaking,’ this has been life changing. I have a new enthusiasm for what I do and when you self invest you tend to reap greater benefits!!! Keep me in the loop for what else I can do with you.

Joanne Heeps
Small Business Management  and NEIS Coordinator
Business, Communications and Service Industries

Attendee 2015

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