TODAY, BRANDING COMES FIRST. We live in a fast paced, ever changing and sceptical culture – a culture that doesn’t want to be pressured or sold to.  People want to choose for themselves and when a Personal Brand is constructed well, the sale is made virtually without effort. 

YOUR PERSONAL BRAND MATTERS.  It is your reputation – what you are known for and how people experience you.  Delivering your Brand clearly and consistently will create a memorable experience in the minds of those you interact with and can open the door to new opportunities.

We offer this informative, interactive and ‘GAME CHANGING’ workshop in a guaranteed small group dynamic (maximum 20 participants) so you receive the personal attention and time to implement your learning.

What you will experience is:

  • How to build an effective and sustainable professional & personal brand

  • Who is your perfect client / avatar / niche & how do you relate to them

  • How to build and maintain rapport with your clients

  • How to manage your reputation

  • How to package yourself for success

  • Develop more confidence around your image

  • Discover what you need to know to make looking and feeling good a certainty

Executive Business People

Key components of the training:

  • UNDERSTAND EXACTLY WHO YOUR CLIENT IS, so you can position yourself or your products in such a way that people feel an irresistible urge to do business with you.


  • UNCOVER YOUR OWN INDIVIDUAL STYLE – maintain your authenticity whilst connecting with your client

  • IDENTIFY YOUR UNIQUE SKILLS, strengths and talents

  • How to PRESENT YOURSELF VISUALLY and behaviourally to get your desired outcome

  • Recognise you are a BRAND AMBASSADOR for your Business

The results you can expect:

  • A CLEARLY DEFINED PERSONAL BRAND that stimulates meaningful perceptions with your clients and how it benefits them

  • INCREASED CONFIDENCE and ability to present the best version of you at all times

  • The know-how to PACKAGE YOURSELF EFFECTIVELY and get results

  • A PERSONAL BRAND You can be Proud of

Who should attend?

Directors, Leaders, Board Members, Managers, Supervisors, Team Members, Public Relations Officers, Human Resources Managers, Marketing and Sales Personnel, Students, Solopreneurs and Business Owners and staff.

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